Monday, June 26, 2006

Los Dinero

So after the first few days on this blog thing i manage to get into some "on-line beef" with a guy called carlos dinero. I click the view next blog and open his page. i basically see this guy saying how he's badass and blah blah, you average shit talking. So i inquire "what makes you so bad ass beside talking shit?". Apperently that put sand in his crouch. He got mad and dedicated a whole post ragging on me and just saying some stupid shit. Apparently he's not a bad ass, he's a sattire of a bad ass. think steven colbert. same style except hes' a "badass?" so anyway hes gay but he thinks hes cool and good for him. I thought that was it but he asked me some questions, and i figured hey he dedicated a whole post to me the least i could do is answer his question

what's the point of all this shit?
mainly its a hobby, to me anyway. I'm not much of an artist. At the heart i'm just some jerk who writes his name on what he want, the only agenda i have is that i want it to look good and really just do it cause its fun. Its alot easier then being and being a "on-line badass" its worth a try dinero.

are you making money at it or what?
naw even though you wish i did. The only thing i've gotten from graff is a few fights, war stories, a pair of shoes, friends and maybe 200 or 300$ Last month i was asked to help in a mural, i'll post that later and its corny but its work. Good work too. And i also got a chance to go to the Art institute in january. sorry to disapoint carlos.

any way carlos is an ass but discuses "cool" stuf like "am i a pirate or ninja", all in all his site is what it is. Start the shit talking carlos and tabitha( his mom or girlfriend or maybe just a side kick)

Any way i'm low on paint so here a piece and a sketch

i did this in class, summer school sucks


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations douchebag, you almost wrote an intelligible post. I didnt think you had it in you but you came through in a majorly homosexual way...good for you.

May I suggest that next time you get one of your more intelligent 'gangbanger' friends to type it out for you so as not to sound like a complete dipshit. Don't take it the wrong way, this is just advice from a lowly community college student trying to get his certificate in whatever you think the most degrading occupation might be.

good day jackass

2:19 PM  
Blogger Battle said...

man, has being a graffiti writer taught you nothing about beef? Internet beef (any beef for that matter) is kinda pointless that's why I took up online vegitarianism. If you like the beef don't complain about it, if you don't like the beef don't feul the fire. Just some advise, keep the sketches coming dude you got skills I'd love to see more and don't worry about what the "haters" say.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where have you gone bodi? we need a new post

2:53 PM  

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