Friday, July 14, 2006

Kagan "MF" Mcleod

I just got showed some love from a dude i'm a big fan of. i'm not to into comics but one day i took my little bro and i saw this

i knew right away a graff dude did onto the site and sho-nuff i was right. not only was the comic filled with style but a few issues later he switched it and it just started getting nicer and nicer. so i ordered all th comics peep this

not only did he sign it but he gave me a full sketch of the bronzeman "the little charater under the sig" it look like he did it at work or something because it was on the back of some paper witha chart.but then my house caught on fire and you may say that sucks it burnt up, it didn't burn up the firemen hosed it down and riped it to shit along with other stuff the comics were in my room but i had them in this steel case so there good. He also kicks it with a really talented group. basically i consider him "doing it" and alot of the people i see "doing it" i try to talk to and get advice but Kagan been the only reall dude i've talked to. the rest of them just blow me off. much love. my scanner takes color weird but peep his work yourself

check him out hes good people.


Blogger Clinton said...

Bodi, you started at AI yet? How's it going so far? I miss art school, im sick of IT. I might go back.

8:27 PM  

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