Wednesday, August 23, 2006


well your pal has been in jail for the last couple of weeks. Lets just say it takes more than 3 people to jump me, i broke one of there arms riped a dudes ear and just flat out beat the other. the only damgae on my part was a jamed thumb. and got three charges against me but when i saw the judge and the story was told i was cut loose. it doesn't look good when your 26 and you and your ganster friends try to beat up some dude whose 20 and had a minor adult record, especially if your prison tatted up with a serious record.well i find myself spying on you guys less and less, but i still care about you. on a happy note your boy turns 21 on the 24th

eh new stencil

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hey guys

yeah i know i haven't been here in a while, but ever since clogged caps i've just been really inspired and been painting everyday, even the day i got arrested, oh yeah i got arrested for painting while i was gone, it happens. so i haven't really felt like sitting in front of a computer typing. i went to that meeting about graffiti, and it was pretty serious there were alot of officals there,a couple of council people, heads of this department heads of that department. bottom line the officials aren't ganna get things done to much politics and coulcil people are only in office a short while and alot of agendas just die. so i think i'm just ganna do it guerilla. and try to get a couple of us graff dudes together and make it happen at the groud level. so i guess school and my war on blank walls will keep me away from the few friends i got her, even you los even though we quarrel.(i still hate you though)

well i gots lots of new stuff to show (super duper illegals) but i'll post them latter in an attempt to space them out and keep my blog from dying